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Full professional recordings of the live training revealing how to master these explosive moves – where you learn everything I have discovered in over 3 decades, to perfect the way to take part in these amazing moves.

Training structured to turn theory into real life practical steps so you’re not left with just a bunch of notes and “good ideas” – you walk away with the most valuable asset any business can have – a plan for immediate action to capture the next $10,000 move that presents itself.

You will save years of your valuable time on research – which may or may not ever get you to the desired end goal.  Instead by copying the strategy I dedicated years if my life to discover, you will be ready to act and start profiting from decades of work the very next day!

You will learn 6 complete trade setups each of which regularly precedes these explosive, highly profitable moves – and has done so not just for decades but centuries in fact.

No more second guessing or only seeing with hindsight you will clearly see the opportunities as they are developing and know exactly what to do, when and how.

Before the market is ready to explode you will know: (1) how to enter to be positioned ready for the big move, (2) where to place your protective stop, (3) where to exit the trade and (4) how to manage it in between entering and exiting.

Professional traders wont even enter a position without all these factors being clearly defined and that is exactly what you too will be at the end of this training – a professional trader who is free to carve out your own financial future and enjoy the freedom your family deserves.

I will hand you the complete system every single rule and everything you need for massive success in catching these career changing moves.

You will trade from a position of absolute confidence – something very few traders ever achieve while they waste their precious time on their “forecasting” efforts.  But for you, knowing that your trades now have a high probability of success and winners many times the size of the occasional loser – it’s a complete game changer!

Make your successful trading fit around the life you choose to lead and not vice versa as before!

Act Now & Get These Amazing FREE Bonuses Included...

Bonus #1  Supercharging Techniques

In this extra lesson I will teach you 2 techniques that make it even easier to spot the best trade setups.  One of these techniques also highlights the trades most likely to be the biggest winners before the setup is even complete!

These 2 Supercharging Techniques maximise your profits by ensuring you never miss a trade.

Bonus #2  Indicator Rules & Code

In this bonus lesson you will see me: Develop precise rules, convert the rules into code and find the best way to create a visual alert.  This way your computer can check each chart for you and alert you.

Now you don’t have to just rely on your eyes to spot these valuable advance warnings.

Bonus #3  Advanced Trade Management

A trader’s biggest dilemma is how to maximise the profit from a winning trade, so in this bonus lesson I reveal a simple, mechanical approach I use to achieve this.  This advanced technique is completely mechanical, removing all subjectivity, ambiguity and the potential for indecision.

It allows you to squeeze every last drop of profit out of these trades.

Bonus #4  Market & Timeframe Guide

In this lesson we discuss how to make an informed decision on the right portfolio of markets and timeframes specifically suited to you, your available time, risk tolerance etc. I also show you how to improve accuracy when using intraday charts.

Now you are perfectly equipped to put together the ideal trading plan that is best suited your current circumstances.

Bonus #5  Magic Profit Multiplier

Take your biggest winning trades and trade them with TWO contracts and everything else trade with just ONE!  That’s the principle of my Magic Profit Multiplier.

There is a version of this Magic Profit Multiplier for use on a single timeframe, but what I teach you here is a version that uses 2 timeframes as that fits perfectly with this strategy.

Bonus #6  Best Data Guide

The right data is necessary to avoid false signals, but not all data is the right data to use and in this quick lesson I teach you how to get hold of the right data to use for your charts.

It allows you to examine years of charts and train your eye to spot these trades and practice applying all the rules on historic charts, so you don’t lose any time moving forward into live trading.

Bonus #7  Question & Answer Session

After the live broadcast was finished we held another session where the attendees asked me all the questions they could think of that weren’t covered in the actual training.

We got a few really great questions which were all answered.  I am also going to give you this recording as well, just in case any of those questions go through your mind while you are studying.

Bonus #8  Live Trading Lesson

I took the 2 trades that were developing at the time of the live training, followed them live over many days through to completion and recorded a “time lapse photography” video.

This allows you to experience the right hand edge for real and see all the decisions we have to make through every stage of the trade as I talk you through them, day by day.

I have been trading futures for 40 years and rarely do testimonials.  I will however make an exception for Simon Townshend.  His approach to the markets is simple yet elegant and will be a profound help to anyone looking for that next profitable trading opportunity.  I cannot recommend Simon highly enough!

George Kleinman

You're Backed By Our SUCCESS Guarantee!

Applying the rules detailed in the training you should be able to find profits of at least $100,000 per year on average, across the major commodity markets listed below using daily charts from 2010 up until now.

You may work with any markets of your choice.  For futures traders we recommend these markets.  For forex traders we recommend using the USD crosses of the currency futures listed below.  For equity traders we suggest obtaining free daily charts of these commodity markets, as well as your stock charts, so you can also take a look at the markets as we use, however you may stick with just your own stock charts if you prefer.

Apply the rules exactly as taught in the training to each of your chosen charts and see how much money those trades made.  We recommend working through 6 to 10 markets.

If you are not serious about trading and are not prepared to do the study and the chart work do not join the programme, as you are unlikely to gain sufficient experience to succeed with this strategy and your success is our sole objective.

At the end of the first 15 days, we will add a full set of marked up charts to the members area, for the markets listed above from 2010 onwards.

With this chart book you can see exactly where all of those profits come from, if the rules are followed correctly.  Use this to grade your own work and see where there are deviations, if any.

If during the next 45 days of the guarantee period, after working through the chart book, you have any questions or concerns, you don’t understand any of the trades in the book or can’t get your charts to match it, we will give you personal live tuition with one of our tutors, to help you work through this and improve your understanding of the strategy.

Simply write to any time after the chart book is made available to you and within 60 days from your date of purchase and ask to book a coaching session with a tutor.

This one to one coaching will be provided FREE for up to one full hour of additional support.

The free personal coaching does not have to be undertaken within 60 days of purchase, but must be booked by that date, after which it would need to be paid for at the going rate (currently £200 per hour).

Such a Success Guarantee has never before been seen in our industry and is another Trading University first, underlining our commitment to your success with this ground breaking programme.

Please note - We rigorously protect our intellectual property, which is protected by copyright.  There are no trial periods or refunds available. Please refer to our copyright notice and terms of business for further details (available via the 3 links at the bottom of this page).

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Finally BONUS #10 - T.E.M. Community

You are also invited to join our private facebook group, reserved for T.E.M. members only. Here you can collaborate with other students, with Simon, with Nick. Share charts, observations, ask and answer quick questions. Be helped along by more experienced members when you are new and give a helping hand to others when you are more experienced.

The early members asked for it, so we set it up and are now including lifetime membership as another fabulous bonus for joining this exciting programme.

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